Screen Adjustment for Overscan?

I am using the FireTV app and on parts of the Tablo interface, it is cut off. The Google TV and FireTV have a nice feature to adjust for overscan. This may need to be an option or it just may need to be adjusted in the FireTV app. I have 3 tvs and it cuts off on all of mine. I have 2 FireTVs and and 1 FireTV stick. I don’t know if this is an issue on the Roku or not.

My Fire TV Stick doesn’t do this.

Can you adjust the overscan settings on the Fire TV? This is outside of the Tablo app. It is the device settings.

@koltasi, how do you like your curved display? They definitely look cool, but I wondered if you see a noticeable benefit to using one over a standard flat screen?

Check if you are using the “Stretch” feature on your TV. I had this issue when I tried to switch Roku to 1080p and didn’t realize I was stretching the TV.

I actually love it! I really love watching football on it. It all depends on your setup. I think there is more glare with the curve. I wouldn’t pay too much of a premium for it. I got a great price on it or I wouldn’t have shelled out and extra 800 for it.

not stretched. it is like this on all of my FireTV’s and they all are set on 1080p and every other app including Slingplayer work perfectly.

maybe so. everything else including slingplayer are perfect. It’s like this for me on 3 tvs (2 firetvs and one 1 firth stick).

You still haven’t said if you adjusted the overscan settings on the Fire TV itself? You have seen these settings correct?

Yes, they are correct. Everything else including Slingplayer, WatchESPN, Amazon Prime all look great. Tablo is the only thing that looks sketch. It is also the only app that I have to disable security settings for.

Very weird.

And this happens on 3 TVs? Are all 3 HDTVs the same?

What is the make and model of the TV?

Different inputs can have different overscan or zoom settings? Can you try the Fire TV on an input that works?

I am only trying to troubleshoot, I know you could have done all this already.

Just to clarify, there is a setting in the fire tv that allows you to adjust the screen size exactly to your TV using the directional arrows on the remote. You have done this right?

Even though other apps in the aftv appear to be OK, it could still be slightly off, but just not as noticeable as the tablo app.

@KyleR Thanks guys!

Yes, when you setup the FireTV you have to adjust for your tv. Everything else is perfect with those settings (other apps, movies etc). I am posting this in Feature Requests and not troubleshooting for the FireTV app. Thanks guys.

You can also re-adjust the overscan settings on the Fire TV after initial setup. Maybe give it a try?

If you’ve done all that, it is likely not just a feature request but a bug? The Tablo app nor the video player are cut off on the FTV Stick I have.

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@theuser86 I reset the FireTV screen settings and changed it from 100%, no scale to 3%, scaled and here are the results are below. It looks a lot better than it did but not perfect. I think they need to adjust the app a bit, but this definitely looks a lot better in the meantime. Glad you pushed me to change my settings. Hope my Slingplayer still looks good. Thanks for the suggestions!

EDIT: After watching a bit more, there is too much overscan on top so it’s def an adjustment they need to make in my imo.

I love your TV, that is all