Scheduled Recordings - Timeline

I’d like to see a timeline like in the scheduled recording section. Or at the very least a list of the shows scheduled with the date they are scheduled. Currently the scheduled shows list only shows the scheduled recordings in an alphabetical list. The format at is so much clearer and delivers better information in this area.


@JWard - Good idea! We definitely want to add more sort options to all of our UIs so that people can see the content they have available in the way they’d like to see it. 


Love this idea, thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:  I was looking for this very thing this morning as I was trying to see what all was scheduled to record today.  My memory isn’t so good, so by the time I clicked each recording in alphabetical order, I forgot the things at the start of the list that were recording today :wink:  Would be helpful to see a list in chronological order of the upcoming recordings.


For now you can just scroll through the Live TV grid to see what’s schedule for the next 24 hours.

Just to add, I noticed yesterday as I was going through the scheduled recordings that nowhere does it show the CHANNEL that the scheduled recording is to be recorded from. It would be nice if it showed channel as well as time.

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Tablo Staff: Any progress for this MUCH needed request?

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I think the new Roku programme does this. It’s the bee’s knees!

It does indeed :slight_smile:

I recommend this application:

Series Guide

Lack of a list of scheduled recordings is an obvious deficiency in the Tablo UI, something you notice a day or so after you start using Tablo. Scrolling through the Live display looking for flags is very tedious. This feature has been requested repeatedly since 2014. Is it planned for a release?

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At the main menu level in the Android app, Roku app, or PC app is an entry “Scheduled” that lists programs that you have set to record. Roku also has a “coming soon” view of that sorted by date of next recording

How about the AppleTV, iOs and web versions. Is there an ETA for these.

This is becoming frustrating. While some other features are advanced enough that I understand they aren’t just “copy and paste some code” between platforms, the sorting/ordering views are pretty basic and shouldn’t take long to implement. It’s one of those “bones” that could be thrown to existing users while waiting for the bigger changes to roll out. It’s particularly frustrating to have them available on our bedroom TV that has a Roku 3 on it but NOT available on the Shield TV we use on our main TV in the living room.

I’m new to Tablo but would love to see the “Coming Soon” feature on both IOS and Fire TV. It’s a great view on the Roku.

I would also like to see this feature. I’m a recent convert from cable and one of the features I enjoyed was the Scheduled Shows section that showed me all upcoming shows, grouped by date and sorted by time.

The way that the scheduled shows currently shows things is a simple alphabetical list of which shows are scheduled with a dog ear to tell me if it’s a one time show or if it’s a reoccurring schedule, this information is useful to manage which things are set to record, but not useful to know when the next episode of my favorite show is going to come on…

Use for all guide info.

8 Months later, 2.5 years after it’s initial request and still not a feature? This should be easy, especially since you already have a platform with it implemented, I need this on web, Fire tv, and Android, don’t have Roku, so that one platform that has it doesn’t help me