Scheduled recordings that have multiple channels - picking which channel to use



There is a problem with Tablo apps: different platforms have different functionality.

@TabloTV need to normalize the interface on all platforms.


It’s been that way since the beginning, and while I am sure it is a goal for the developers, it hasn’t stopped us users for the last 5 years from buying and using the product effectively.


Yes, but. New users, like the person I was helping above was confused by the lack of consistency. Just because you figured it out does not mean that @TabloTV should not normalize the interface across platforms. It is lazy and sloppy programming.


‘lazy and sloppy’? Really? Different priorities is another, non-insulting, description.


For next time, if you select the show from the TV Guide vs. the Live TV screen, you will be able to see all of the advanced recording options.

And while you’re at it, try the Tablo PREVIEW app. It’s the app that’s getting the most love these days and will eventually become the defacto app for that platform.

It is missing a few things (manual recordings, Tablo Connect, and conflict resolution) but it doesn’t require a sync before use which is nice :slight_smile:


Tablotv, thanks for your response. I have been using the Tablo Preview Android app on a Sony TV, which is missing the options that created my confusion initially. Also, I’m not clear what you’re referring to as the “TV Guide” vs the “Live View”. I see Live View in the app, but I don’t see anything called TV Guide anywhere in the Android App or the Web Interface.


I would assume they are referring to the other main menu options (Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies, etc.).