Scheduled recordings and rescanning channels

Yesterday morning I MANUALLY scheduled the Spurs basketball game, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM.  During lunch I rescanned my channels (I KNOW we are getting a new channel soon) and this time DID get 16.1 though that is not a new station.  I watched the Spurs game live, but fell asleep in the second half.  When I woke up, I went to watch the game and it was NOT there!  @TabloSupport did simply rescanning channels cancel manual recordings? I noticed recordings I set up using the EPG are still scheduled.


A channel scan won’t interrupt a manual recording. If you check your guide now, is the channel in question still there?Remember, the Tablo will make recommendations and check (or un-check) channels based on their signal strength (amongst other things).

If the channel at the time at a relatively low reception, the channel scan could have knocked it off the list before you checked the ‘add to guide’ prompt.

@TabloSupport It was there. I WATCHED it live via the Tablo but also was going to record it. Does manual recording scheduled make the Tablo ignore the EPG for the channel / time?  There were three different shows in the guide at the time, due to the guide provider using the wrong information (wrong evertywhere except TitanTV) 

Is this also true of non-manual scheduled recordings (series or otherwise) via guide program data? For example, if I select a movie from guide data to record 3 days from now on channel “3.1” and I do a rescan and continue to have “3.1” after the rescan, will it “remember” to record the movie?

And you saved the rescan even if nothing changed?

Yes… let’s say the rescan of that channel was for a technical reason related to guide artwork not displaying or something the help desk suggested a rescan for, but no changes related to repack, etc.