Scheduled recordings and record button does not record

Last week all my scheduled recordings stop recording. In looking at scheduled recordings they still show do to record starting on the 3th or 14th of August. I can not delete these scheduled recordings.
Live TV schedule on the engine I try and select record but wheel spins and stops but no record.
Guide shows last update ten days ago.
I stop the Engine APP and restarted, stopped my Nvidia and restarted.
Checked the disk space and show 300Gb free.
Any one see this kind of issue.
Any ideas on how to get recording going again.

I’d normally suggest rebooting the Shield - but if you’ve already done that, try running and completing a new channel scan, then scheduling a show to record from the live TV screen to confirm that it works.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, don’t hesitate to send our team a note and we can check it out from our end.