Scheduled recording offset

Curious how others handle recording when a scheduled show has been moved to a later time due to a sporting event.

From what I see, it appears that Tablo simply begins recording a channel at a specific time. I just tried to watch 60 minutes from yesterday and about the first half of the recording was a basketball game. Grrrr

Is the only option to make your best guess as to when to begin recording?

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If you think an event (usually sports) might delay the start of a program, you can extend the recording time of that program in the settings for it.


This is always an issue with shows after live events. There is no real practical way to update a schedule in real time. Even with Comcast cable box and X1 being server controlled, it never updated instantly.

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And of course, it’s somewhat variable. There have been examples of cancellations where the subsequent show is summarily skipped in full and moved to a new slot (even different day).

And when the tornado is outside your front door, content is just smashed to smithereens… you lose what was lost, etc.

Very difficult. But yes, in general, for live events, the show following is most often showed, just delayed. But since this is unknown (because we lost the time stone post blip) there’s just no ideal way of handling this.

There have been experiments with “crowd, net” decisioning… that is, relying on a majority to tell everyone “the truth”, and maybe AI at some point can help… etc…

What I just said is not anything that necessarily Tablo has been involved in.

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Thanks folks. I suppose what strikes me as odd is that we have a guide. That guide knows the program name, the time it is scheduled to begin and end, whether it’s “new” and other data.

It sure seems there should be SOME way for the device to know or sense a program has been delayed and adjust accordingly.

Sigh… I suppose it’s all a massive pipe dream!

When the end of a previous show is unknown (as is the case of a live event), its very hard to predict skew for any show after that event, until all resets at the end of the day.

That is, the problem isn’t the recording of the live show (though you should pad the end), the problem is the recording of shows that follow the live show.

On a legacy device if a user suspects the delay due to extended sports events or other reason they were told one solution was to use manual recording. Of course gen 4 doesn’t have manual recording.

I had the exact same issue with 60 minutes on my Tablo last night. However, I had not yet cancelled my YouTubeTV account also set to record 60 Minutes, and noticed that they were smart enough to detect when it really started. Which raises the question, why not sprinkle a little AI on Tablo and poof, it knows when to start recording. Using a clock is so Last Century

Seriously, as a habit, shows like 60 Minutes routinely follow sports events and start late so I set the show after to record also. The real problem is not that the 1st half of the show is a basketball game. It is that the recording stops have way through the show. Then I play the next show and watch the rest. You can always.FF through the basketball game.

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The program and episode is part of the (OTA) broadcast meta data. And it may or may not change for extended/delayed programing. And what happens if all this magic AI dust detects a delay and the delay causes a scheduling conflict what then.

The important thing to know is that the guide is updated just once a day by an external service to the Tablo. So, it is a static snapshot. Anything that is dynamic (like a sporting event going long) is going to mess the guide.


I feel your pain. The first half hour of the program I wanted to watch was the last half hour of 60 minutes!

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