Scheduled Programs not Recording

A couple weeks ago we joined the Beta testing team for our FireTV and the player has been amazing. All round a fantastic upgrade from the prior builds or sideloading the Android player.
One issue we’ve encountered - Some of our scheduled programs record whereas others don’t.
Last night Rookie Blue was set to record - don’t judge on the show, it’s for the wife! - we could find it in upcoming schedule and in the guide you could see that it was set to record. Woke up this morning to find that it wasn’t recorded even though when we last checked we could see the channel was active in Live TV following the show’s start. At the time we were not watching any other channels or playing back any recordings.
I suppose the only way to test anything out is to delete all our scheduled programs and create new ones… any other suggestions or similar experiences?

Thanks in advance

I am having problems recording Rookie Blue on DTV DVR as well this season. It might be a series meta data problem not a Tablo problem if this is the only program that you are having problems with.

I am curious where you guys are, Rookie Blue is scheduled to record on Thursday in Los Angeles area.

Canada, it airs Wednesday on Global.

BobW - interesting, we only have two shows recording given summer is light on content and Amazing Race Canada has been recording without issue; i think at least it was scheduled to record last night as well…

Thursday here as well but I didn’t get a recording on the last new episode. Have my DTV DVR set to only record the new episodes.

If it’s a series meta data problem, would a fix simply to remove the series recording and re-add?

When I look at this show in my guide, I notice that while it is marked as NEW by the guide, if I look at the episode description, it lists a “First Aired” date in June. Perhaps this is confusing things for Tablo and making Tablo think it is not a new episode? If it were me, I would set it to record All episodes just in case and see if it records then.

I’ll test this theory. We have two Tablos. I’ll set one to record this series NEW only and one to record ALL. They both should record tonight’s episode. I will let you know what happens.

Thanks! The seasons now over so I can’t test.

Well, the show recorded on both Tablos (one set to NEW episodes and one set to ALL), so the first aired date wasn’t the issue.

I have started having this problem recently. So far it has only cost me 2 shows. I contacted Tablo support about it and they said they have discovered a bug that causes this to happen. They looked at my device logs and confirmed that I am experiencing this bug. They are working on a fix that should be in the next update.

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NapMan, are you in the Beta or regular stream?

I am not on any Beta program.