"Scheduled" not scheduled recordings!?

“Scheduled” isn’t the Recordings that I have scheduled. It is all the SHOWS I would Like to record. I’m not openning all my shows to see what, if any, recordings are coming up. The Legacy App listed, by the day, what recordings are “Scheduled”. I could look for conflicts (colored red) and fix them. I could look forward to something good coming up. At the end of the day, the main thing an OTA DVR does is schedule recordings . Wouldn’t it be nice to see those scheduled recordings?

You expect too much common sense. If you are a legacy user you might find gen 4 functional after a years worth of updates. But they seem to think a legacy user will love the new app on legacy tablos.

So basically there isn’t a Coming Soon filter in the Scheduled section as compared to the legacy Tablo app?

I haven’t found it on roku yet

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If a FAST show is 1hr 40 minites the description says it’s 1 hr long. Once you record it there is no indication in the detailed item of how much has recorded. And if you watch it and pause there is no indication of how much has been watched or is left

@Jon_C - It sounds like you’re looking for the COMING SOON filter.

This and many other screens will also be ‘coming soon’ to the 4th generation apps.