Schedule time error

Theres a program that plays from 3am to 4am. But the Tablo records it from 2:37 am to 3:37 am. So theres always a 23 minutes missing at the end. But it records 23 minutes of the news that plays from 2:37 to 3am. I dont know if this is an error from Global or the tablo but i would like to know how to solve the issue.

The simple solution is to do a manual recording on that channel from 3am to 4am. Manual can be set to repeating on both a daily and weekly schedule.

If you can provide the channel and show, the users here could try it as well to see if they have the same problem.

On Global, I see Entertainment Tonight Canada between 2:37AM and 3:07AM and Entertainment Tonight between 3:07AM and 3:37AM.

What is the show you’re trying to record?

The program is ‘holmes makes it right’. It plays on fridays 3am to 4am. Im in Quebec Canada, not sure program is same everywhere.

Choose the option to record the program an hour extra. We use this method to get the first part of Seth Meyers after recording the Tonight Show. Then at least you’ll get the whole program.

I’m in Gatineau, Qc and Holmes Makes It Right is either at 2:37AM Friday morning or at 6AM Saturday Morning.

Sgnadeau, The one at 6am records ok, its the one at 2:37 thats not the right program. From 2:37 to 3:00 its the news. So it doesnt record from 3:37 to 4:00. So my guess is its a programming error on the behalf of global. Ill send global a message, it should solve the problem for me and all the others watching the show.

Mbellaire, i hadnt seen that option, ill look at that and set it to record longer. Should solve the problem. The show is only once a week anyways.

Thanks for your help, all of you :slight_smile:

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