Schedule still showing events from last month

I have two issues happening since the new year.

I have the latest (non-beta) firmware installed. I primarily use a Roku 4 & Ipad. I have recordings set for many popular show, when I go look at “scheduled” recordings it shows last months shows set to record even though those dates have long since past and very slim up coming events. Wondering if anyone is experiencing a similar situation? Have you discovered a fix?

Second problem I’m having is several programs are set to record and they do not show up in the “recorded” content. I verified that the programs are in fact scheduled, my antenna strength is good and programs are being broadcast. Still the programs are set to record and nothing appears in the recorded programs section to play them back.

This is intended behavior according to Tablo. Tablo wants to include every show ever scheduled to record on there. I personally think it would be more intuitive to have 1 tab of “All Scheduled” and another of “Future Scheduled”.