Schedule recordings 4th gen

I would like to be able to schedule recordings when away from home on the 4th gen Tablo. I understand no streaming video because BB of fil ER size.


I don’t think this is unreasonable. If you’re out and you realize something’s about to record, you have no way to add it to your schedule.

I do think that this would be a lot to program in, though – especially for those of us with multiple devices. There’s the matter of somehow retrieving guide data in order to schedule it, and then picking a device on which to record it. And if there’s a conflict, I can only imagine the mess you’d have to go through to fix it. Then there’s the matter of adding this to a current app, or writing an entirely new app.

Since older models of the Tablo can already be accessed remotely, there doesn’t need to be any new code. As awesome as this would be, IDK how likely it will come to fruition.

Tmobile home internet doesn’t forward ports. Is there a work around for that? And use a login name instead of the pairing game.

It’s on the Tablo devs “to do” list. That feature has been discussed since the 4th gen was released last year, though I have no idea on the timetable.

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