Schedule only goes 24 hours in the future?

I noticed this again last week, but have seen it several times and just went, “huh”, and got on with life. I went to Tablo’s configuration settings and ran the update schedule. I am not seeing anything beyond 24 hours in the schedule of live channels. Tried looking to see if Tablo didn’t like my credit card, it seems happy. I must have lost a brain cell because I sure thought I had seen a schedule on Tablo that was greater than a mere 24 hours in the future when I first got Tablo. Is there something I need to do to get more than 24 hours?
Also, with the new seasons about to start, I’d like to be able to see the NEW shows’ schedules separately. You know, like searching on TiVo for “Pilots”, and seeing all the pilots for new shows for the next two weeks…

Live grid view is only 24 hours. Always been that way.

THanks, FD - is there a “non live grid” alternative to see beyond 24 hours? Does anyone have/use one single source for all broadcast channels’ programming out into the future? Tricks and Tips?
Having been on TiVo for a more than 15 years, then DirecTV’s recorder when they got into the Pi**ing match with TiVo, I have been used to going several weeks into the future with my Digital Video Recorder, I’m only a little surprised (not much, IOW) that I hadn’t noticed this shortcoming - This is the first “new season”, more or less, since I went with Tablo and cut the Satellite dish. This is a point where I do NOT know what new programs are coming up and well, I’d like to see what they are, and not have to remember to check EVERY DAY FOR TWO WEEKS, to see what’s on tomorrow night!
Don’t get me totally wrong - I am GLAD I did get Tablo, for the most part but man - getting a “modern” feature set sure is taking a long time… Seeing the sports I wanted (archery) during Rio was much more problematic. Otherwise Tablo has been good. But to think I’ve paid a fee for “the schedule” and I only get 24 hours? is this the best that can be done?
Watched videos still ALMOST never go from a full blue ball to anything else.
I still miss the ends of programs because there is no way to set a desired number of minutes/hours of “over-run” like I could with oh, I dunno, EVERY DVR I’ve ever owned? for specific programs which follow “live events” by hours, all of which are late starting and late finishing. Seriously? is a good guide.

The Tablo has the programs my name/channel etc, for two weeks out. But not in a grid view.

You do have a subscription, don’t you? You’ll only get 24 hours no matter what without one.

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Tablo has 2 weeks of guide data you can search using the Primetime, TV Shows sections, etc.

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I use TV Schedule to keep track of the shows I want to watch.

Once Set up, it tracks your shows all season long. You just download the ical file created every couple weeks to integrate into your google calendar.

Open your google calendar, choose other calendars, and then import calendars, and import the ical file you downloaded.

I then see all the TV Shows in the correct time slot, in a separate color calendar on my desktops and phones.

Not real easy to set up and find all the options, but once you do set it up, it’s easy from there.

I like a feature on the site that list shows to be renewed/cancelled for the following season, so you don’t have to wonder what happened to that show you liked.


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Thanks to all for the tips and replies. It dawns on me that Tablo is aimed towards millennials (neither good nor bad), and puts the information into thumbnail icons (oooh, purty pictures) rather than text listings. That’s ok!
So the data is “there”, just presented ONLY in the icon’d listing, they didn’t bother with putting it into the text/grid layout. Since I’ve been a speed reader since 14 or 15, text is my go-to default so I was not expecting the text grid would be neglected - my bad!
Once y’all explained there is only, ever, a 24-hour window in the grid format, I went to the other methods Tablo has, and found if you go to “TV Shows”, then non-intuitively try to exit right away with left arrow, a few options appear that do what I have been wanting to do - identify “new”, Premiering", Genres", and “Channels” since these appear as filters. That allows me to peruse and select the season passes I want to check out. Also, weeding out a few of the 1080i channels here in Austin, such as KADT-LD, weed out all the millionaire ministers, blessed be! :smiley: . Much easier pickings now. Thanks again to all that had suggestions and alternatives. One I would have for Tablo programmers is to make the genre choice a TOGGLE. hit enter on the remote to choose it highlights it, but you apparently cannot UNCHOOSE it, you have to bale out, choose ALL, then go back down to genres and choose a different genre classification. It would make sense to toggle it off/on, and also to be able to choose multiple genres ON, and leave multiple undesired OFF, yes?

It is a toggle. If you click on a genre once, it filters the list. If you click on it again, it goes back to all shows. It works the same way when looking by channel. However, it will only filter one selection at time, so you can’t look for multiple genres at the same time.

oddly enough, that does not happen when I am using the Amazon Fire remote, nor my harmony remote. Selecting/highlighting it works, but pressing select/ok again does NOT un-highlight.

It may not work the same on FireTv. I was using a web app on my phone. I will look at the FireTv later tonight.

thanks. there is a workaround or two… :slight_smile: