'Schedule Manual Recording' not working (resolved)

Running Tablo web app v2.2.30 with no subscription.

When selecting a program on the guide, the ‘Schedule Manual Recording’ window opens okay - but when selecting “Done” it “hangs” with a “circle” icon spinning forever. Closing the ‘Schedule Manual Recording’ window does work and the guide grid is displayed.

Also, cannot record with Fire Stick 4k Tablo app - instead of seeing ‘Schedule Manual Recording’ when selecting program on the guide, only see ‘Record movie’ which does nothing when clicked.

So, cannot record programs using either web app or Fire Stick 4k app.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Have you tried going to the Scheduled tab and clicking on the plus sign in the top right corner? That is the only way subscription users can create manual recordings, but it works in Chrome just fine.

Thx. Tried that with no success. After entering the recording schedule info (channel, date, time, etc) clicked the ‘Create’ button at the bottom which does absolutely nothing. Again, unable to schedule recordings with Tablo. Not a happy user.

Yes, I have also tried rebooting Tablo by disconnecting power and pressing the blue button on back of the device. Doing this did not fix the problem. :angry:

Have you submitted a ticket with support yet? That appears to be the next step since creating manual recordings is functional for most people here.

Submitted a support ticket 24hrs ago - no response yet.

It was likely too late in the day yesterday for support to get to it, and they don’t work weekends. But I expect them to get to it Monday.

This is the first time I have heard of this issue, so I have no idea why it isn’t working for you. If you don’t want to wait, and since you don’t have any recordings (I assume, since you can’t record), please try a factory reset (hold down the blue power button for 10 seconds). That may clear up the issue.

Note: If you do have recordings, then you should wait.

Update: The problems described earlier were caused by not entering any text in the ‘Title’ field on the ‘Schedule Manual Recording’ page. That obviously was my mistake. However, this problem was entirely avoidable were it not for the poor coding of the app (both web app and Fire Stick app). What should have happened is an error message or other obvious indication of a missing required input field should have been displayed to alert the user. Instead, the app hangs when ‘Done’ (web app) or ‘Create’ (FS app) button is clicked leaving the user in limbo. Not good.

Glad you have it working. Personally, I have seen plenty of apps that won’t let you continue until all the required information has been filled in. It hasn’t hung…it is just waiting for all the info.

But this is good info in case another user has the same issue.

“Hanging” or “waiting” - whatever you want to call it - it’s still poor app coding in my book. No excuse for not alerting the user to a problem. Call me a pessimist but I doubt anything will be done to correct the code since this is only an issue for those users not paying for a subscription.

I don’t expect any code to change since the instructions are clear on what has to be done. https://www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-how-setting-manual-recording/

I can’t check from the Live TV grid as I have a valid guide data subscription but it works fine when creating a Manual recording in the Scheduled tab using the Chrome browser.

The ‘Done’ button is not active until all fields have valid information.

What browser are you using? Maybe it’s a compatibility issue with the browser.

The issue is that the Done button isn’t greyed out or gives the user a warning message if selected when there is missing info. The OP has been able to get manual recordings to work at this point.

Using Firefox v79.0 browser.

To be precise - the issue is that Tablo app does not give the user a warning message (or highlight the missing field) when ‘Done’ button is clicked when there is missing info.

That ‘Done’ button is not clickable when there is info missing in Chrome. Might be a compatibility issue with Firefox.

‘Done’ button not clickable while running app in Firefox.

As far as I know, Firefox is not actually officially supported. Chrome and Safari are the only browsers that are.