Schedule Conflict prioritization - 4th Gen

Just activated a 4th gen Tablo earlier today, viewing on Roku app.

Is there any way to control the priority of series recordings, in the event of a scheduling conflict? For example, cause it to always choose Family Guy over reruns of Dateline (of which there are many), in addition to other shows.

*I searched the forum, and the closest info I saw on this was someone mentioning the order that series / programs are selected for recording. (They didn’t say which way - newly selected vs previous - was priority.)

There isn’t any conflict resolution on the new Tablos yet. So whichever was scheduled first will win.

You will the “Conflict” tag as well as a red line under any shows that won’t be recorded due to a conflict in the live tv page.

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Thanks for the response! It helps to understand how to do the workaround (programs scheduled first, win). I can at least go in there to “un-schedule-then-reschedule” all the lesser priority shows, so that they’ll be the first to be kicked out if I happen to miss a conflict tag.

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