Scanning could not find sub channels

Hi there, Just got my new Tablo and have been setting it up. It scanned for my channels over my antenna. It found the primary channel but no sub channels For example, My PBS station is 7.1 but they also broadcast on subchannels 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5. Scanning did not find the sub channels. What can I do to get the subchannels included?

I assume you have checked one of the various sites like for signal strength.

You can always rescan. Sometimes when the primary channel is weak during the scan the sub-channels aren’t found. And there are also a few odd stations that supply the sub-channel via cable but not OTA.

I have checked the signal strength and it is good on all channels and sub channels. These subchannels are ota because I get them normally without tablo.

how do I rescan?

Might it be that you just skipped the step to add them to the channel list?

Go to settings. Go to edit channel lineup. Put check boxes next to the stations you want. Go down to Add to guide

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The sub channels show up on the channel line up but are not automatically selected. They have to be checked manually. It is easier to do the setup with an Ipad or Android tablet. I had forgotten about that.

Thanks that fixed it. i’m slowly figuring this out. Thanks again for all your help