Scanning, and adding more channels not working?

I'm trying to edit my channel linup through the web based app.  This is my current lineup

3-1 WREG-DT 1080i
3-3 AntenTV 480i
8-1 KAIT-DT 720p
10-1 WKNOHD 1080i
10-2 WKNOSD 480i
19-1 KTEJ-1 720p
24-1 WATN-DT 720p
30-1 WLMT-DT 1080i
30-2 Me-TV 480i
50-1 ION 720p
50-3 IONLife 480i

I did a rescan and got about 10 more channels...

Aside from 42-1 through 42-4 all of these stations have full green strength. I check box all of them and click "add to guide"

It works it's magic but none of the new channels are showing up??  I went ahead and updated guide and nothing new??

Any ideas? I'm trying to get channel 13-1 and 13-2 to show up mostly

Thanks again

@Dennis1973 Are the channels that you’ve added to your guide showing up in your Live TV screen, just without guide data? Or are they completely missing? Feel free to post another screen or send me one directly.

nevermind, I installed chrome and accessed tablo that way. Everything showed up. I guess it was a caching issue with my webpage maybe? I was using explorer.

Thanks for you help BTW..I appreciate the quick reply.

I want to say I LOVE this device, been using it for a week now.

I bought a simpletv and sent it back the next day. I fought with it for three hours and it looked horrible through my roku channel.  It wasn't so simple lol.

Tablo  channels look awesome through the roku channel. I'm def glad I got one of these.

@Dennis1973 Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy :slight_smile: