Scanned channel found in SD only, where is HD?

Is there any reason why the Tablo would only find a particular channel in its SD version rather than the existing HD version (which I though was broadcast simultaneously)? Does the HD transmission require a stronger signal? (Obviously, I am still new at this.)

If it helps at all, I am talking about channel 28.1 / WNYF (Fox), which I get from Watertown, NY all the way here in Ottawa thanks to my professionally-installed Winegard 4400 4-Bay antenna with preamp. I also get 28.2 / WWNY (CBS) in HD without any issues from the same station, though Tablo did have to get the guide added for me.

David from Tablo told me that they haven’t actually been able to get 28.1 at all in Ottawa and seems to consider the matter closed (or just hasn’t answered my latest question yet). But I do get 28.1 – just not in HD…

Would such an issue be familiar to anyone?

Is your antenna for UHF or VHF? I would recommend you have a combo UHF/VHF antenna because it is a hassle to track down if the “display channel” is “broadcast channel VHF” or “broadcast channel UHF”. Changing my antenna from a standard HDTV antenna with no claim (Mohu Leaf 50 amplified) to one that mentions UHF and VHF gave me more channels.

That’s an interesting station. It looks like if you are in one location, 28.1 is in HD, and if you are in another location, 28.1 in in SD. Since you can pick up 28.2, it looks like your 28.1 is the SD one (according to Wikipedia).

I am not sure how the Tablo tries to handle two signals with the same channel number. It might just be going with the one with the greatest strength.

Thanks for the replies. I have the Winegard 4400 4-Bay antenna, which appears to be UHF only. Wish I’d known about this UHF/VHF issue beforehand. I don’t get channel 35 (the one mentioned in both your links); the tower is probably too far away. Apparently, 28 carries the HD signal and 35 carries the HD signal, but I’m only close enough to the SD-transmitting tower (Watertown)?

Still a bit confused about why I’d get 28.2 in HD from Watertown, but I won’t complain (getting any U.S. channels at all is not always an easy feat here). But could Tablo “force” the HD feed of 28.1 by getting me the guide data just like they did with 28.2?

See my post about my antenna change. Nice to be talking about Watertown, NY…that’s where I’m from. Nice Italian American city. I didn’t grow up there as my Dad was in the Air Force.

see antenna selection tool at

But it sounds like adding VHF capability would not help much here, as the channel I am looking for is broadcast in UHF (and is thus compatible with my antenna) according to the blog entry. Strangely enough, it seems like the SD and HD signals are not coming from the same location, the HD one being too far from me.

Tablo’s response was a bit underwhelming, considering the whole point of the device is to receive TV signals and I can legitimately question why an HD signal is being ignored over an SD one (regardless of whether they can or cannot receive the channel here in Ottawa). It wouldn’t hurt to download the guide data for me and see what happens.

Yes, Watertown seems like a charming location indeed :sunglasses: And a boon for us Canadians living close to the NY border.

(I wouldn’t get a new antenna just for Fox in HD in any case – this issue is just a slight annoyance, as we get most major Fox shows via Canadian channels. I already told my better half to get used to watching TMZ in SD…)

Your big problem is that 28.1 is an HD station in some locations and an SD station in other locations. Since you can pick up 28.2, it is obvious that you can only pick up the SD station.

I don’t see anything wrong with the Tablo implementation. The station is the one at fault for not having discrete channel numbers Iike every other TV station in America.

I wrote nothing about the implementation, only the dismissive response. The last time I used any kind of antenna (bunny ears) was in my childhood, so I can’t compare the Tablo’s reception to anything. This is a minor issue in hindsight, so this must mean I’m quite pleased with the experience overall.

I guess the root of the problem here is that it is a “low-powered television station” and thus not bound to so many rules as a full-fledged station would be.

I appreciate your and beastman’s replies.