Scan not finding channels

Was wondering why Tablo doesn’t find all available channels. I find channels on RF 22 with signal strength over 60, and quality in the 80’s. But the Tablo scan doesn’t find RF 22. Cables from power booster to Tablo and TV has a shorter cable for the Tablo.

Try bypassing the power booster (amplifier?) and see if that helps. I am about 50 miles from the towers so I thought I would need an amplifier with my Yagi antenna in the attic. I had many problems related to signal strength until I connected the Tablo directly to the antenna. In fact, I have have a 3dB pad between the antenna and the Tablo and it works very well. Tablo doesn’t seem to be very tolerant of high signal strength. I found it would NOT find some channels with signal strength a little too high.

This is correct. You can overload the Tablo’s tuners if the signal is too strong.

Removing the amplifier is a good first step for @bigh73521

Signal strength in the 60’s and quality 80’s is the lowest for the channels I’m getting with tv signal finder. The towers Tablo is finding are 6, and 30 miles away. The RF 22 is 60 miles, and one VHF is 45. I’m guessing the tv tuner is just stronger then the Tablo, although the tv is further from the antenna.