Save Location Failed


Just setting up a new Tablo Dual HDMI and I got the Wi-Fi connected Okay and going thru the setup I can’t get past the Zip Code part. It keeps coming back with Save Location Failed. I put in about 6 different zip codes. I can get about 80 channels but it can’t locate my zip? Does anybody have this problem? What do I do now?


I’ve once heard about a problem like that on a network tablo in canada or a U.S. user who entered more then a 5 digit zip code.

But since you didn’t include any of the zip codes I doubt if anyone can say if any of those zip codes works for them.

Ok, I live in Kenosha tried 53140 42 43 44. And a couple of Chicago zips 60656 60601. Milwaukee 53204 53215. Maybe someone is in the area that uses a good zip for this.

Thanks, Gus

Well, I don’t know what happened. After I unplugged everything on Saturday when it couldn’t find my zip code I plugged everything back up this AM and went thru the steps and it found my zip code. What a relief. I was just about to call support. It downloaded an update and install it. Scanned and found 76 channels. Now I’m gonna play around with it.


Hi @Gus - Glad to hear you got sorted! It sounds like perhaps your Tablo may have lost internet partway through setup. In that case, things like zipcode lookups would fail.