Save last N episodes of a series recording

For some series I only care about the most recent episodes/recordings.  I would like the option to specify how many episodes of a series to retain.  This way I don’t have to keep constantly deleting unwanted episodes that waste drive space.

@ben - This is a popular request too. We’re working on finalizing our short term roadmap so I’ll pass this along to the team.

GREAT!  I’m a “News Junkie” who would like to specify something like “Last 5 episodes of 5 O’Clock News” and have all previous deleted automagically.

deleted automagically


I’ll second this request and put it at the top of my wish list.  There are really two parts to it:  (1) how many episodes to save, and (2) whether to delete the oldest to continue recording the newest, or just stop recording additional episodes.  I mostly want to continue recording the newest, but sometimes stop recording at the limit makes sense.

Me 2!

I agree!

I hope this is still coming!


This is definitely still in the plans guys but it will (obviously) require some changes to the UI in all of the apps. Thanks for your patience! 

I’ll +1 this as well.  Not a big deal, but it’d be a nice to have.  

In the Top One for me.

Very much needed - for us news junkies. 

Hi all, new tablo user here… just found this while searching for this very option.  Any update on when this might be an option?

@TabloTV Is this feature anywhere on the release roadmap? It would make recording local news or nightly programing (tonight show, late show) much more convenient.

Go vote for it on the user survey just put out by Tablo yesterday.