Satellite Recording

Is the Tablo able to record and recast Dish Network programing?

Internet access at my rural location is undependable.


NO - OTA only. You gotta pay for Dish DVR from Dish.

I don’t know good question maybe the OTA part. It looks like Dish sells a 2-tuner recorder for OTA. But its tied to its Sling service. Or a Player tied to one TV. So I wonder if TabloTV can record the OTA part? I am not all that familiar with Dish services. Maybe Tablo Support can chime in?

What is the point?

You cannot record Dish Network programming on the Tablo…period.

NOTE: he DISH Over-the-Air (OTA) Module allows you to add a digital over-the-air tuner to your DISH Wally satellite receiver. This module/tuner gives you the ability to integrate over-the-air channels into the on-screen Program Guide for seamless viewing.

Your antenna channels will show up in the DISH guide just like it was a satellite channel, so you can see what is playing up to 14 days ahead. You can also RECORD your antenna channels just like all of your other satellite channels.

**This Over-the-Air tuner is NOT compatible with the DISH 211 series receivers.

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They have answered on their products pages, FAQs and various blog posts.

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Like here: FAQ