Samsung UHD smart TV pause/rewind/ff not work

Hello, I saw this was a known issue in 2018 for samsung smart tv (UHD o=post 2015), has any progress been made for fix.I am tryng to cut cord, impressed with product, and beta testing, except this one bug, have firestick on my other tv, np. any info or workaround would be welcome
kind regards

No updates at this time, though we hope to revisit the Smart TV apps soon. Stay tuned.

I assume still no progress on this?? I’m a new Tablo user and the lack of live TV pause/ff/rw on my 2018 Samsung TV is the largest issue. My workaround is to set a recording for what I’m interested in watching, even if I’m able to watch it live. However, that presents another issue/bug. If you start playback of a recording in-progress it will only continue up to the end time of the recording at that exact point you started playback. Then you hit a fake “end” and have to back out and restart playback to get access to more of the recording - and repeat every X minutes. To watch a football game I have to wait a bit to allow some buffering at start, and basically interrupt and restart the playback 10 times during the game. It’s incredibly frustrating and very non-DVR like. It is very odd to basically not allow you to seamlessly be recording a show and playing it back fluidly at the same time (recording extends while watching). It wouldn’t be such an issue if live pause/ff/rw worked - but then we’re back to the first problem. In general the Tablo works mostly as promised and is a nice option, but these drawbacks severely limit the livability and usefulness of it. At this point it still seems like a prototype/beta product and I have a hard time really recommending it to friends.

Please tackle these 2 issues and I’d be happy to give Tablo an A+.

I am reading this with my jaw wide open realizing that I’ve been duped. Why can’t I do “DVR things” with live TV on my Samsung? Of all the features needed with a DVR, why is this a low priority to fix? Between hard drives, antennas, and subscriptions, I just spent $350 and the features I use the most is not there.
I said it to Direct TV last week when I dropped them. I’ll say it to you too. You guys suck. Fix it.

I fully agree! I was very surprised by this as well. I am still enjoying having my Tablo. I really like the ability to have it save only a certain number of episodes. This is really useful for daily news. However, the inability to pause and skip back is why I am still using my DVR+ for watching live television.