Samsung smart TV

Any news on if the new Tablo 4th Gen blue app will be available on Samsung Smart TVs?

amazon listing indicates coming to samsung tv soon so it’s a hard maybe

I doubt it. They’ve been promising an app for Apple TV “soon” and it’s been months.

There’s so many different TV OSes that this can be a nightmare.

Not too long ago I bought an LG with WebOS and this is another app that isn’t available for it. Luckily, HDMI add-on (Roku, Fire, GoogleTV, AndroidTV) devices are cheap enough, but I don’t see this as a permanent solution.

I have one TV that I can’t use my Tablo on without an attachment. Was it still worth it? I think so. But when my guest room’s TV died, I definitely made sure it ran an OS that had the 4th gen app!

You get better performance and in a lot of cases, picture quality, through an external STB (like a Fire TV cube). And support for device like that comes much earlier than for TV brands.

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