Samsung Smart TV App?

Just got a new Quad Tablo but with 2 Samsung 2017 TVs this missing feature to pause live TV makes it a no go. Is there a timeline for this support? This is very important for pretty much all our sports and a big miss by Tablo for the most popular TVs out there. I may go back groveling to TiVo :frowning:

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Why not get a Roku/Fire TV/etc. to use Tablo with vs going back to TiVo?

I have seen a lot of update announcements in the last week. Might we see one soon for the 2017 model Samsung televisions?

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Samsung app appears to be working fine for me. No commercial skip. But otherwise, great.


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I can pause as well with my Samsung TV but I really want commercial skip since this is the primary way we consume content. Might just unsubscribe from that feature since we can’t use it.