Samsung Note 4 - Chrome Browser and internet browser


Having a strange issue with note 4. Just go the phone today. I am able to see live tv on my phone without any issue. But when I go to recordings and try to play it I get upto the play button screen. Once I press play it does not do anything after that. I just get a blank screen and no audio too… 

There is also another browser in note 4. I used that too. When I clicked that it said that this app can play this video with the android video player and asked to click on “Launch Player”. When I click it I get two options, Android system or Download. If I click download it just downloads some file which I can’t open but when I click on android system then it opens us two more icons. Photos or Video Player. When I click either of them it thinks for a while and says this video cannot be played.

I am on the home network and not on the mobile network. Any suggestions


After some research found the answer. I installed the vlc player for android and used the second browser and it works like a charm.

@girimurthy - Glad you got it sorted out! :)