Samsung Galaxy S7 not work on LTE

I have T-mobile. My Galaxy S7 plays Tablo fine using WiFi, but on LTE it changes direction like it is going to pkay but doesn’t. I don’t know which update did this but it is on Android N.
I have a black screen with CC in the upper right corner. I tried disable hardware overlays (the old flashing green work around) but that doesn’t fix it.

I don’t have the issue you mentioned on my Tmobile S7 Edge, running LTE with the latest patch on Android N.

@TabloSupport could this be a beta problem?

Do you have Avg installed? Trying to think what i added. Strange it only breaks on LTE. Might be beta related.

Good news! I uninstalled AntiVirus and Tablo now works using LTE,

@TabloTV you might want to try installing AVG antivirus on Android, see if you have the same problem, and talk with AVG antivirus devs.

Did you have AVG installed before the Android N upgrade? Just curious whether it was a problem with AVG alone, or AVG+Android N combo (on the GS7).

I don’t rrcall. I ca rey reinstalling