Samsung Galaxy S5 shuts off display when watching video via Chrome. Anyone know a workaround?

Title says it all

Make sure that you don’t have smartscreen enabled.  That might be your problem.

@snowcat, thanks but I don’t have that on

It was worth a shot.  I know on my Moto G, the Tablo screen stays on in Chrome when playing a video.   I don’t know why it wouldn’t be the same for all Android phones.

@snowcat, it used to on mine too, but I think the upgrade to Chrome recently may have changed something.

So, I tried firefox and the screen does NOT let the screen turn off, so it must be something with the newer version of Chrome.

I guess the auto update I allow might not be so good :wink:

I also tried this on Chrome Beta and the same thing, @TabloSupport looks like this is an issue. Not sure if it is just the S5 or Android all together

@Jestep Thanks for doing the testing for us. I’ve sent this along to the right people - we’ll have a fix ASAP.

@TabloSupport thanks