Samsung Compatibility

Can you use Tablo with a Samsung television? If not, is there a plan in the works to make it compatible?

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At the moment, you would need to add an external device like a Roku or FireTv to your Samsung TV to make it work with a Tablo.

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I’m waiting for the Samsung app too, but at least they say it’s ‘coming soon’.

I saw there was once a Samsung TV app which was discontinued. I am curious about why specifically it was discontinued (i.e., not a generic or blanket answer without the details). Nevertheless, I have a legacy Tablo. If the app does come to Tizen, I hope the legacy devices will be supported. My legacy Tablo still does exactly what I originally purchased it to do. I still use the legacy commercial skip feature as well as remote connect. I would lose those upgrading to a 4th generation device, so I am not interested in upgrading at this time. I use Roku in the meantime.

Some “smart” OS providers are better at dealing with developers than others (hint: one that doesn’t do well is Samsung).

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Yes… sure… “soon!”