Same FAST channels causing recording splits

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a pattern in which FAST stations cause repeated fails or splits.

When it comes to the repeat offenders, I have seen Maximum Effort fail at least 50% of the time. The time of day and what else is recording has not made any difference. Sometimes 100% of a show/movie will be fine even with 3 other things being recorded, and sometimes it will fail with it being the only station recording.

In the testing I have been doing today, two 4th gen Tablos recorded the same movie. One split into 4 chunks, the other was fine. Then at separate times I recorded a show on each and the one that split was fine during this recording, whereas the other split a show into two.

There have been other FAST stations that have split recordings in the past, but until yesterday, my recording issues had improved since I turned off Viewing Data.

I should mention that I have rebooted the modem, router and Tablos multiple times while trying to figure this out.

Welcome to the club. last night I got 7 minutes 8 seconds out of an almost 2 hour movie. But it was all in 1 segment. Since I have plenty of other tuners and only use this for FAST recordings I’m turning the device off for a few software/firmware releases to see if things will improved.

Yeah, the whole 7 minutes of a “completed” recording? That was a new one for me as well when it happened the other day.

I shouldn’t be so willing to find a pattern and then subject myself to a set recording schedule to work around the problem, but it would be nice to figure out ANY reason for these repeated issues.

Have your split/failed “recordings” been occurring on the same channels, or feel pretty random? Also, come on… I can’t be the only one tearing my hair out here… plug your 4th gen back in and keep beta testing with me! I mean, “successfully using this new device.” :wink:

tablo could pull the logs from your device and tell what happened if they wanted too.

Yes, one show I like I get in 4-6 segments. :rofl: It happens every time.

We’ll see if they’ll tell me any of that since they’re supposedly going to check the random deletions. It’s likely I should ask them, but if I’m not using what they recommend for size or drives, I doubt they’ll care.

Not all FAST channels have the problem. And some have the problem worse then others. So do you think it has to do with the recommended disk size. And I’m using the built in flash which only contains 1 2-hour recording.

I really couldn’t say, but from my other post, Tablo stated they recommended at least 1T external storage. The FAST splits have happened whether I used internal or external.

I feel stuck with what I’m using already since any recordings would be useless if I changed external drives. Yeah, there’s hope that maybe Linux could pull something, but if I put a new HDD or SSD in there, the old external would have to be wiped if I wanted to use it in the Tablo again (from what I’ve read and tried).

I changed wifi connections and cut out the extender, but without being able to separate its SSID on this router, I have no idea if the Tablos are now connected to 5 or 2.4ghz!

As I’ve said a few times, if there was a certain time or particular conditions in which episodes split, I’d be okay temporarily working around the issue.

Which channels are you consistently having problems with?

dove, the film detective. I tried free movie plus and it chopped them.

I would try my time movie network but it doesn’t have thumbnails and I’m not wasting time trying to figure out what’s under those 60 empty slots.

LOLOL. Yeah. I’ve noticed that on FireStick you ca usually see the title in those opaque squares, but on a Roku, forget it. All that clicking around to figure out what I might wanna watch? Nah.

I’ll test some of those and (sadly) hope to verify it’s the channel and not us. I must say, after yesterday’s frustration with losing 2 seasons of a show, I was so close to giving up that I didn’t make my usual notes for other fails/splits and just deleted them. Oops?

I only record FAST channel movies on the gen 4 . The last one I’m trying for the third time is I spit on your grave from the movie plus network. Nothing better to put you in the christmas mood then some slasher movies. we’ve got way too much crap to watch on the legacy devices. We watch and delete.

There’s way too much to record that you can ever keep a clean hard disk! I really enjoyed being able to stockpile a show in order to binge watch it, but that deletion killed me. I’m gonna have to see what’s possible to stick on one device so maybe I can catch up to a point where I’m willing to forgo the leftovers… Although, if the internal is splitting them, IDK why I’d bother. Really wish there was an option to tell the device “use internal first” instead of losing access to recording on the internal once you’ve inserted another drive.

I watched Maximum Effort live for over 2 hours without a problem – until I used the vacuum and it gave me a poor reception screen.

Have your split recordings totaled up to what the watch time would be if it recorded straight through? For me, about 50% of the time they’re very close. Buffer-to-recording problem? shrug

Rarely adds up for a movie. I use to record some 30 minute shows and they might at times add up. It’s not worth the hassle. But at times I enjoy repeatedly trying to hammer(repeatedly try to record) the same movie into submission. I must be masochistic.

I thought that’s what “Tablo user” meant in another language.

I hear ya on that. I’ve tried recording the same episode of Bedtime Stories with Ryan (Reynolds) over 6 times. It’s about all we can do with these weirdly randomly sometimes functioning machines.

The splits that really floor me are when I’ve got 1:59 recorded of a movie and the last 2 or 3 segments are 10-20 seconds long each! Wish I could hard-wire one to test it, but then it would only be good for FAST recordings.