SageTV and Google

Crazy announcement just showed up… Google has decided to Open Source SageTV!

Tablo folks @TabloSupport @Tablo – Gotta get your hands on that code and play with it.  SageTV as a DVR is unbelievable.


Crud… And I just sold all of my HD200’s…

SageTV is awesome!

I sold off my HD300’s while ago but if software does become open source, I would expect client version at some point running on OpenELEC which opens up a lot of possibilities

I still really love the Appliance nature of Tablo.  As much as I loved and still love Sage, it was never EVER appliance in nature.  There was constant tinkering, updating of os packages, fiddling with this, that and the other thing.  I can’t say I would go back at this point as my Tablo Experience has been so good.

It would take a Sage Server that was plug in play (appliance in nature) and client apps for all the popular STBs.  I refuse to go back to mutliple boxes at each tv… I hate that :slight_smile: and even then its questionable at best.

+1 to what @PiX64 just said.  My all appliance set up at home is very solid and not tinkering involved.  Love the time savings I’ve gained going down this route.

Tx for the heads up @PiX64. We’ll definitely take a look when it’s released!

It would take a miracle to get me to budge from the Tablo road now. It’s too awesome and simple and the possibilities are endless.
There’s motive behind Google’s moves… Google does nothing without reason. Often what they let go of or abandon or open up is for some good reason. If it ain’t money, it ain’t for Google.

Like most things that commercial companies magically make “open”, the beauty is in the whole system, and not just the software being released.  Apart from some aesthetics… not sure if there’s too much that can be gleaned from it.  But I am just guessing…

I disagree

- placeshifting code
- tuner priority
- tuner conflict resolution
- plugin framework which allows to extensability by 3rd parties
- complete API framework and access via REST service know as sagex apis
- Intelligent recordings
- advanced searching capabilities
- heterogenous tuners including networked tuners (could potentially be used for HDHR PRIME for example)
- ComSkip processing (allbeit a third party plugin)

just to name a few

@PiX64, we’ll see then… :slight_smile:

Like most things that commercial companies magically make "open", the beauty is in the whole system, and not just the software being released.  Apart from some aesthetics.... not sure if there's too much that can be gleaned from it.  But I am just guessing....

SageTV’s “whole system” is software…so this is potentially a big deal for those who care about it. SageTV did sell hardware extenders as well, but that can be replicated using PC platforms and their software as well. 

I doubt they are open sourcing the whole platform.  Unless SageTV didn’t have guide data, in which case, not sure how wonderful the device is/was.

@cjcox - such a downer all the time man its draining to read every post

:slight_smile: Just being real. I’ve been down the “wonder road” too many times with regards to commercial companies seemingly doing “great things” only to find out… it wasn’t so great, and that’s why they “opened things up”…

Process usually goes like this.

  1. Acquire something awesome that likely “competes” against you.
  2. Ruin or destroy it (e.g. “get rid of the competition”)
  3. Wait a long time to where it goes obsolete or nobody cares.
  4. Try to leverage the “old thing” in a "deal"
  5. If that fails, consider “something else”… (there could many things here)
  6. Last resort, if it is determine to have no value, no benefit to the company, … then make it “free” (with strings)
  7. Last last resort, make it “free” and “open source” (#7 is viewed as a good will expense)

It may be a “downer”, but what I described is pretty much how all big companies I’ve worked with do things…  I’ve seen products that could “change the world” die this way…  very sad.  Google has a hard enough time making their own fresh ideas work (stick around), much less acquired “things”… but I’m certainly ok with eating crow on this.


@cjcox:   Rather than allow your past experience cloud your judgement do yourself a favor and read through the link PiX64 posted.   SageTV is/was a full featured DVR platform and there is a good reason why there is excitement for its release.   

Actually you may want to look at prior posts… In fact, likely ones made in response to you. Though I know you doubt my objectvity… I’m just not a fanboy… I only raise issues to counteract euphoria. It’s interesting to see unjustified insults and complaints getting praised. Perhaps I need to learn from some here.

Wow. That is all.