Router question

When I bought Tablo, had to move my router and modem downstairs so I could use a ethernet cable connection as wireless was not getting it done. Tablo has to be downstairs as that is where my antenna comes in and I want to void rerouting the antenna cable to move the Tablo.

Issue is with my router down stairs, my WiFi upstairs is poor, with my main router upstairs I get much better overall connection throughout the house (single level ranch with basement) I am thinking of adding a 2nd router as a repeater/access point and using it downstairs for the Tablo wired connection and moving my main router and modem back upstairs. Will Tablo be happy plugging into a access point for it’s connection?

Likely not, but why don’t you find another way to hard wire the Tablo to your router in another room?

Option 1:

Option 2:

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If you use a router/repeater to connect your Tablo and move your main router back upstairs the Tablo would still be on wireless because that’s how the router/repeater it’s connected.

You should look into a powerline adapter.

Okay thanks for the pointers. Had not thought of it would be back to a wireless connection. Glad I asked first.

So if I’'m reading the description right, just plug these in near the Tablo and Router and run a Ethernet cable to each adapter and it’s done? Or am I missing something as nothing is that simple?


It’s that simple, Powerline Ethernet adapters use your electrical wiring to make the connection between the adapters in each room.

Thanks, ordered a pair.

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Good luck with Powerline. If you are on the same circuit, you should be good. However, if you are on a different electrical circuit, it will drastically impact your Mbps. Been there, done that! :wink:

You didn’t mention how old your router is, but I just upgraded to a TP link AC5400 and my wireless strength went up quite a bit.

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Upgraded the router about 2 months ago to a TP link AC1750. My old router did fine WiFi wise, got 30mbps on a 25mbps plan. Honestly, I’m just tweaking things now, my IP offered to upgrade me to 200mbps and charge $30 less for a year so I took it. :slight_smile: I’m seeing 40-50mbps upstairs from the router in the basement, and see 60-80mbps down stairs on the 2.4ghz band (80 upstairs and 220 downstairs on the 5ghz band)
90% of our connections are made upstairs and just trying to max out speed and coverage by getting everything WiFi wise upstairs. If the Powerline does not do it, I will probably look at rewiring the antennas to get the Tablo upstairs with the router, will be my last option I think.

Make sure to order a new Home Plug AV2 standard adapter, not the older AV standard.

Shoot, already ordered, just looked they are AV standard. No problem though, can still try em and if they don’t work, got them thru Amazon, they have a liberal return policy, never a hassle.

The newer AV2 is a lot faster, that’s why.

And I think it handles the crossbar circuit jumps better if I’m not mistaken.

I’d be surprised if your powerline gives you better speeds than what you are quoting for your wireless. Your wireless speeds seem pretty good to me. Hope it works out for you!

In the end they did not work for me, don’t know if it’s due to age of house (built in 60’s, but it was so bad as to be unplayable. For now moved everything back downstairs, ordered 100’of cat6 and will just run a long connection as I should have in the first place.

Thanks to all for the suggestions and input.