Router connection

My router is filled up, and I don’t think i can disconnect anything. It is a cisco. I am thinking of buying a tabl. Would I need to buy another router?

Go buy a 4-port gigabit switch for $15-$20 dollars(or less) and run your cables into the ports on the switch and the switch uplink into the router.

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Get an unmanaged switch.

Confused about the “switch uplink into the router” part. Are you saying to plug something into the router? I don’t have any spaces left on it(the router)
. Advise.

Think of the network switch as a port multiplier, like a USB hub.
Unplug one of the existing network devices from one of your router LAN ports.
Connect that network cable to one of your new network switch ports.
Connect the network device that you disconnected from your router’s LAN port to an available port on your new network switch.

You plug one port of the switch into one port on your router and then it turns your 4 port router into an 7 port router (3 ports on the main router, and 4 ports on the switch).

Hope that makes sense, if it doesn’t Google network switch for a better explanation.

Yes, thank you!