Router configuration

4 channel Tablo. Seems to be working fine. Settings advises me that router needs additional configuration. Going into my Comcast modem/router I don’t see where or how to set up port mappings for the Tablo ports. Remember the Tablo is working fine. Should I just ignore it? Or suggestions where I should go to find more info/instruction?

The Tablo has a feature called Tablo Connect, and that allows a user to watch their Tablo on a “paired device” outside their home network.  So you could watch TV on a cell phone anywhere, or on a tablet at a Starbucks, or a laptop on the road.  (Note: it does not work with remote Rokus).

If you aren’t using this feature, then you can ignore the router message.  That configuration only affects Tablo Connect.

If you do want to use that feature, there are some threads in this forum that may help.  Just do a search on port mapping.


If you need help configuring the router, please post the brand and model of the Comcast modem+router combo you have. We can look into what the device is capable of - or you can call your ISP with help to configure the router.

There’s some additional info here @JamesD

If you need additional help, @TabloSupport would be happy to assist.