Roku XDS

I think I may have seen this in another post, but I couldn’t find it again,  Just wanted to confirm that while I can open the Tablo Channel, my old ROKU XDS crashes out of it as soon as you make a selection.  (Doesn’t matter rather it’s live or recorded)

@jbanks25 - Unfortunately that’s not really surprising…

We have tested the current generation Roku units (Roku 1, Roku 2 and Roku 3) for Tablo compatibility. We have also tested the older Roku 2 XD. 

We have not tested the Roku classic models: Roku SD, Roku HD, Roku XD, and Roku XD|S and have reports that the Tablo Roku app is experiencing issues with these models. We’re attempting to purchase and test on a classic Roku and hope to have an update soon whether these models can be supported.

ISend Mr an email… I have an original model sitting collecting dust. Xds with Ethernet I believe

I can confirm on my Roku XDS that it crashes.  Current Roku models don’t have component cables, and this is a problem for users with older non-HDMI TVs.  Please fix this with Roku XDS, Tablo!

I recently saw a page on Roku’s website that indicated they didn’t even support their older line with some channels.  So there may be some big technical hurdles there…  I’ll try to find it again and post.

Redbox instant doesn’t for sure.

+1 for getting Roku XD/S working. I bought one off Ebay to use with Tablo on a 2006 Plasma TV w/o HDMI. Hate to have to replace a perfectly working TV.


Anyone tried the XDS with the new app?  I retired mine a while ago, but could press it back into service if it works.

I have an older model Roku 2 XS and it works fine on that.

Yes, I have one of those that works as well.  The XDS though is a older 1st gen device.

I doubt very seriously that anyone will like the 1st gen Roku.  With that said, it’s a device for people watching TV on a 25" Zenith console tube TV…  maybe it’s “retro cool”?  Seriously even the lower power newer gen devices are problematic nowadays.  The refresh that brings the new gen Roku 2 on par  with the Roku 3 is a good thing… but I think we all know that what Roku needs within a year or so is a Roku 4 (or next gen).

I was surprised Amazon is still giving a $24 trade in value on it.  I think that is where mine is heading.

I also have a Roku 2 XS that seems to be working fine withe the update. 

OK, so maybe I won’t trade in the 1st gen box…  Someone just paid $50 for it on Amazon.

Really? That’s ridiculous - you can get a brand new Roku 1 or Roku Stick for $50.

The only thing I can think of is that it has a ton of outputs you just don’t find anymore.  Component, optical etc…  Someone must have a use case.

True but the Roku 1 has composite video out as well. Just no optical.

The XDS also has a USB port in addition to optical audio.

Good point - I have a Roku 3 and never use the USB port though. Plex with a computer running PMS negates the need for USB playback.

Personal preference I guess. I prefer to have a hard drive running, than have a server running.


You must have your Roku connected to an AVR then? A big reason I use PMS is to transcode the 5.1 AC3 or DTS audio to 2.0 AAC as my Roku is directly connected to my HDTV and the Roku cannot decode AC3 or DTS.