Roku vs LG smart tv

I have a roku connected to my lg tv, also have the tablo app on lg tv. it is more convenient to use the tv app. I see features on both are different. The tv app doesn’t have commercial skip but does have better fast forward. The advertised commercial skip was a feature that pushed me to purchase a tablo. We are very disappointed in the lack of consistency. I see the commercial skip is being removed from the few programs I have recorded with the check showing skip is available. Some times those are correct, other times not so much.
The guide on a roku can be checked skipping forward in 24 hour increments. The tv app doesn’t seem to have a way to check a time and channel, without just slowly right clicking to desired time and channel.
At time buffering is so bad it just stops playing. Last night while watching the game on CBS at half time I caught up to live. I switched and watched another program. At that time decided to go to bed and watch the end of the game in the bed room. Clicked on the play button selected the resume play. Skipped through the half time show. Got buffering at kickoff, another after first play. Then about every 20-30 seconds more buffering. Got a popup to check internet connection. Did that, good internet, The buffering was so bad I stopped watching Tablo on Roku. Switched to YouTube and finished the game streaming that takes a lot more data to run than is supposed to run Tablo. No buffering and in 1080i.

Tablo’s app is still bound by the “rules” of whatever platform it’s running on. I have apps that run on Android and iOS and they’re different. Same app. Same manufacturer, but one running on iOS and the other on my Android phone. There are things missing from one that exist in the other.
Same with the Spectrum app. I can install it right on my Samsung TV, and it’s also on my android phone and my ipad. All 3 look slightly different and have slightly different interfaces. That’s 3 different operating systems running what is supposed to be the same app.
What you’re seeing as far as inconsistency is actually consistent. They can only program in features that the operating system supports.

Thanks and I was thinking Roku was the best device. Guess the Lg has Roku beat. My den has both app on Lg and the Roku attached. Bedroom had only a Roku. Started watching on LG, couldn’t watch on Roku with tablo but could watch with Roku on YouTube tv. Bedroom tv isn’t connected to the antenna. In bedroom if watching the signal is being sent from router to Roku. YouTube streaming or antenna with Tablo.