Roku VS Fire Stick

I have been using a ROKU 3 with my Tablo for some time. I recently purchased a Fire Stick. Not happy with that.

The stick is very slow loading the Tablo app, populating the guide, and scrolling up and down thru the channels. If you go to change channels the stick apparently has to reload the guide, which again takes a long time.

The Stick home screen is a mess. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to reorder apps, delete most of the stuff there. I don’t need movie lists on my home screen.

In contrast, the ROKU is much faster loading, changing channels. The home screen can be customized, etc.

Am I not doing something right on the stick? Does anyone have any experiences like this?

The first generation Fire Stick is slow in general. Did you get the new one with the voice control remote?

I recently replaced my first gen Fire Stick with a 2nd Gen Roku stick.

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The 1st gen Fire TV Stick is quite slow, I replaced it with a 1st gen Fire TV box and was very happy.

You might want to consider the Xiaomi Mi Box - very good Android box from where I hear, it is cheap.

I just got a MiBox my only complaint is it does not have Prime Video on it. It is pretty awesome so far. I was able to get something working via sideloading stuff.

The Fire Stick interface was terrible too. I was trying to hold off and see if the new interface was any better but they took too long to get it to the first gen sticks.

My stick is the new one. I’ll probably just use the Roku most of the time. Really disappointed.

I thought the Mi Box was Android TV? There’s an Amazon Video app for Android. I have it on my Sony Android TVs.

Mi box IS a legit Android TV device, but because Amazon is a pain, their app only comes on devices that pay them off. (You may be able to side load it like the NVidia Shield- YMMV)

Thanks for the hint! The latest version of Amazon video found on Apkmirror sideloads and runs just fine on the Mi.

speaking of Roku 3, theyre currently on sale at Best Buy $50 with free shipping

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I have Amazon Fire TV… primarily, so I could get everything else that I was accustomed to; Cable channels, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime benefits, etc.

All I had to do was Download the Tablo APP to Fire TV…

Works GREAT…

I have never seen or used Roku or the Fire Stick.

I am happy…

Actually, Amazon Video is not available in the Play Store or in iTunes because both storefronts require that 30% of the revenue from sales made through the apps distributed through their stores go to Google/Apple. This would mean that Amazon would have to raise prices on video rentals purchased through those apps to cover that 30%, making it more expensive to rent content through those specific apps. Or, Amazon would have to force customers to rent the videos on another device first before they could be viewed on the app. Because that would frustrate/confuse/anger customers, Amazon does not agree to those terms and the app is not available through the competitor storefronts.

Also, be aware that a new OS with a new interface is coming out for the FireTV devices. I don’t know if the new interface will address your concerns or not, but you may want to take another look once the OS upgrade starts rolling out.

I had a roku stick and it worked with tablo very smoothly , but had issues with the remote shutting off every 5 minutes, replaced it with a fire stick and it runs just as good if not faster , very snappy and no remote issues whatsoever.

My fire stick is very slow to load the Tablo app. Then when scrolling thru the channel list it is slow and jerky. It works, just clunky. In contrast my ROKU is fast and smooth.

I think for the Android TV we have to sideload the Amazon Underground app. Then we can get Amazon video. It is what I have to do on my tablet.