Roku update didn’t help

My Roku was updated to 13.0. I had hoped that the squashed picture would be fixed, but it is not. it still has the picture squashed into the upper left corner and the rest of the screen is green. Have to restart the Roku whenever I want to watch Tablo.

Damn, that’s not good to hear. Still have 3 Roku stick devices with this issue. Will report back here when those devices finally update to Roku OS 13. FYI: my 2 Roku Ultras have not yet updated to 13 either.

Which device are you still having trouble with?

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Roku express.

Out of curiosity, have you tried the whole rigamarole of force cache clear/restart, uninstall, regular restart, reinstall?

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I have rebooted the Tablo I haven’t reinstalled the Tablo app. I will try that next.

Not certain what models are affected, but Amazon has the Express 4K+ for $29.

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I have an Express 4k+ and do not have this issue.

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@andyross – Good idea throwing that option out there. I think Walmart and Target have it for about that price too.

And… I can also confirm that my Roku Express 4k+ does not have the screen scrunching issue.

It might be worth the $30 if you want to save money and prefer the Roku OS. As a side note… it might sound strange, but even if you don’t have a 4k TV, the image will look better on most of your streaming apps. I find my Express+ to be a little “fuzzier-looking” than my 4k Express+.

Any luck?

My Roku Express (3910RW) finally updated to RokuOS 13 last night. The green screen & cornering issue was not fixed for that device, either.

Quick question, though, since I don’t use Roku as often… has using the “Delete All” feature in “Manage Episodes” always deleted protected recordings along with everything else? This is not how it works on other devices, and I just deleted an entire show when there were still a few I hadn’t gotten to.