Roku Ultra + Tablo = black screen + spinning circle + upset

Someone has to fix this issue as we can hardly watch live TV on the Tablo. This morning I turned to the local news and ‘the event’ of black screen with spinning circle and “select channel” at the bottom of the screen popped up five times in less than 8 minutes of watch time. Each time the channel did return to where it dropped, but each occurrence lasted longer than the time before.

My system info is:
OS 11.0 build 4193-46 on my Roku Ultra 4660X. Currently connected through WiFi.
TABLO - Firmware - 2.2.40 Unit is currently connected to a T-Mobile 5G Wireless gateway. The issues with the black screen/circles started on my live broadcasts when I went to Wi-Fi last Thursday (May 19th). Plan on calling Tablo tomorrow (May 24) to have them help me change back to hardwire onto the wireless gateway box.
Roku App - 2.19.1

Just to add a little info. Went ahead and switched the Tablo wireless connection to ethernet and still no change. Tried to watch another show on live TV and was hit with the black screens several times in five minutes. Turned it off!

Hi. I’m reporting the same problem in a different thread, I did not see yours. In mine’s I’m providing info from my equipment, let’s hope somebody chimes in. My problems started 1 month ago or so (max 2 months ago).

TabloTV told me in my thread to try unplugging power for 1 minute on the Roku Ultra, then plug it again and test. I unplugged power for 10 min, plugged it back and worked. I hope you were able to do the same and worked.

Thanks much for the info. Glad you were able to get a resolution. We unplugged the Tablo shortly after the issue and haven’t gone back. We are now streaming You Tube TV with the local channels.