Roku Ultra not seeing Tablo

I have tried all troubleshooting methods. I finally got Tablo on my PC, but when in Roku and open the Tablo “station”, it does not find the Tablo.
Can anyone help, VERY frustrated.
Thanks, Deb

Hello Deb, let’s make sure we understand what’s been done, and where it’s falling short:

  1. Your Tablo is working, installed and you can see this on your PC.
  2. You have a Roku, and you’ve downloaded the Tablo App
  3. You launch the Tablo App on your Roku

When you do this, what screen do you see on the Tablo app? Does it ask you to create an account? Install a Tablo? Or what? This will tell us what needs be done from this point and get you some fast help.

Last thing: you say “Tablo station”. You’re talking about the Tablo app for Roku, right?

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I finally got the setup done on my laptop. Once all the updates were completed, I reinstalled the app on Roku and it worked.
I do have another question. I LOVE the guide and the record feature is better than the hopper, but is there anyway to get other apps to sync with the Tablo guide, ie Sling or Philo?

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No. You can not do this. You mention Sling. If you’re using Sling as your primary streaming service, you can combine both sources into one guide but it will be the Sling Guide, not the Tablo Guide. You do this by buying an AIRTV Player.

Between the two, I’ve the beautiful graphical interface of the Tablo guide to be much nicer.

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Thank you SO Much for that info, I really like the Tablo guide, it’s much easier to find shows than on Sling. I think I’ll just switch apps.
Have a great weekend,