Roku TV vs Roku Ultra/Streaming Stick+

Looking at possibly getting a Roku TV for the bedroom…
43" TCL Roku TV

I was searching around the message boards here and trying to determine if there is a difference between the Roku app for the Roku streaming devices and the the actual Roku TVs.
Does a Roku TV basically just use the same Tablo app that the Roku Ultra or Streaming Stick+ use?
Is there a difference in features? Things available on one device as opposed to the other? Or would it just look exactly the same as if we were watching on the Roku Ultra we have connected to our living room TV?

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Correct. Same app.

Roku TV interface they all look the same except there is an input for antenna and hdmi

ROKU has a compare products page: COMPARE ROKU PLAYERS

I have both the purple roku streaming stick and the roku streaming stick + . With the purple streaming stick the kitchen tv was getting a poor signal. then moved it to a tv closer to my modem and got an excellent signal. So tried the streaming stick + and got a Good signal on the kitchen tv. Also tryred the 4k amazon streaming stick and also got a Good signal. All my older roku players have a lot of dropouts. Thinking og getting a powerline booster to see if I can get an excellent tv signal in both my tv in kitchen and living room as they are the ones I mostly watch. One thing I do not like about a smart tv is when the remote wears out the tv might become inoperatable as I have that problem with a Panasonic tv. The original remote is no longer available and I have to use a generic remote to operate the tv, The old remote can still do a channel scan so that is all I use it for.