Roku Thumbnails Slightly Out of Sync

When watching on our Roku Streaming Stick (2016), I’ve noticed that playback begins a second or two before the image on the thumbnail. Is anyone else seeing this? Perhaps this is by design? I don’t think I remember this from the previous version of the Tablo Roku channel.

We’ve noticed this behaviour crop up recently, and it appears to be the result of airing recorded during low reception periods. We’re investigating this now to see if we can work around it.

As in, my antenna signal strength has dipped a little low? Video quality has been good from what I recall seeing. No pixelated video.

I’m experiencing this on my Apple TV and Roku. But the thumbnails are not slightly out of sync. They are WAY out of sync.
Like I’ll be skipping ahead and see the images from the show but when hit play it’s still in the middle of thr commercial break.
It’s over a minute off I think.

This is the 1st time I’ve noticed this issue.

Recorded several episodes of “The Outer Limits” on Comet TV 47.2 in the DFW area.
The thumbnails are 2-3 thumbnails out of sync with the program.
Don’t know if it’s the channel or the program. This is the only program I’ve recorded from this channel.

No other recordings I have, exhibit this problem. So I think it’s specific to either the channel or the program.

It’s not a big deal to me. Just wanted to let others know this is sometimes happening.