Roku Tablo 4th gen

Guide is totally unusable. Was it even beta tested? Does not appear to have been. Looks like it was rushed to market for Christmas.

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Something new happen to it? Or just the normal stuff (guide data wrong/missing)?

Guide on Roku is a mess. IF there was an AppleTV app I would not be using Roku.

Chrosmcast with GoogleTV guide is ok.b Android phone and tab look at aps ok. Just Roku having problems.

Still doesn’t define what a “mess” is. If it’s the grid or the Shows/Movies menu. Or if it’s the entries for OTA, FAST channels, or both.

Both. The guide is scrambled. Guide said Dragnet but showed Highway Patrol. It looks like tuner was not released. Highway Patrol was p rt ior program.j

Other. Problems too. This weekend if not fixed I will take pictures of Roku guide and Chromecast with Google TV guide so you can see.

Does the guide on your Chromecast give you accurate information?

Yes but need to use wrong Zip code. A few channels missing data.

I wonder if missing data is what is making Roku guide be a mess.

Hi beastman,
I mainly use Apple TV but since there is no way to use it with the Tablo 4, I’ve been using my Roku Ultra and I too have had guide issues with the Roku. It can be very frustrating but another user on this site named WhenenRome posted this solution to fixing the guide and I have bookmarked this and used it from time to time.

Here was his solution and it has worked for me.
Close the Roku Tablo app. On your smartphone Tablo app, remove all channels from the lineup EXCEPT for ONE streaming (non-broadcast) channel and save it.

Again on your smartphone, re-scan the channels and select your line-up, then save it. Now on your Roku, go to Settings >>> System >>> Power, and RESTART your Roku device. Perform the same restart on any Roku boxes you use with Tablo. This causes the Roku’s Tablo app to acquire the correct lineup that you set on your smartphone.

If any Roku device’s Tablo still has trouble acquiring the correct channel line-up that you see in your smartphone, you should uninstall the Tablo app from your Roku, then reinstall it. Open it, let it connect to your Table - and from there, the only lineup it can acquire is the correct one you did on your smartphone

For the legacy Tablo, there was a beta Roku app, so people in the beta testing group would test new releases before the general public. There isn’t one for the 4th gen Roku app.

The initial 4th gen Roku app was of course beta tested, but there have been a lot of changes since then.

Thank you.

I still have to use wrong zip code to get channel 24 correct information.

Does saving one channel and rescanning work? Or is that a thing that only works for the Roku guide? Does it only work if you try this scan THROUGH the Roku box? I’ve done this at least 3 times to try to bring in data or correct the guide. Then, the last time was for the FAST EPG… but I’ve never been able to see any differences. Each Tablo has a different zip code but that hasn’t helped either. (For some weird reason the mobile app kept pointing to a small town 8 miles away. Seeing all these forum tips about trying a nearby zip, I decided to let it go through, but both guides are still missing the same data or have the same incorrect programming.)

I’m glad that one of the tricks worked for you! Please share with us anything else that has helped you get the right data. I’m willing to try anything and as rough of a time as you’ve had with your $100 puck, I’m on the same Jan 13th schedule as you with one of them. (How far away was the zip you used, what were your reasons for that location?)

(One day I tried Chicago, Arizona, Minneapolis… just trying to trigger something. These are weird devices – have a look at your .wake.txt file some day! Weird…)

Wrong zip needed on all. Have not tried channel trick. After work.78759 is just a few miles and 78744 is 14 miles.

On Roku 17
8, which has no data on any Android is showing data from 4 channels that have data.

Hope that helps @Tablotv and @TabloCEO

If you do not have any channelsmissing data, then Roku guide should be ok.