Roku support for deep links?

Is there a way to link directly into the individual channels registered on a Tablo, or at least the Live TV or Recordings sections? I’ld like to preferably do it via your Roku app.

I’m integrating the Tablo and Roku into my AV environment preparing to cut the cord. iRule is the remote controler. I’m ultimately looking for a way to have integration as easy as we have it for Satelite or Cable - click the PBS button and it take you directly to the PBS live channel. Click an ESPN button and you go there instead.

Roku appears to support something they call deep links which looks promising if Tablo supports it:



I use the ROKU commands as a “Macro” to turn my TV on and navigate to Tablo (and Netflix, Hulu, etc).

I can’t navigate directly to a particular TV channel (yet), but I use the up, down, left, home etc commands on the ROKU to at least get to the Tablo channel.

I execute these commands through a trigger command using NFC Tags my android phone.

Still experimenting with this.

ROKU SDK info here:



Thanks for sharing. Check out There is a device plugin for that program that does these actions and many more. Great for the Roku, but does not solve the navigation challenge on Tablo. Table does not appear to have a home button that always takes you to the same exact menu and location.

I’ve experimented with stacking navigation actions, ups, downs, lefts, rights, etc… which work fine in some situations but don’t if the Tablo was last left in a submenu (ie: to select a recorded episode of a particular show). Also, by the time you stack up each action with a small delay in between you end up with a painfully slow macro.

The ideal solution is what is requested, a way to link specifically, for example:

  • Live TV (main menu)
  • A specific channel like 11.2 (this would be even better)

For scheduled recordings

  • Link to a given show name.


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Anyone ever find anything more out on this or any progress? Having the ability to do more than just launch the TabloTV app would be great (vs. having to use the remote to always navigate to a specific location). Being able to just tell it start and go to a specific channel for live TV would be huge. And… in line with most or all other modern technology for digital players, TVs, etc.