Roku Streaming Stick performance

I see a lot of comments against using the streaming sticks. I use several Roku streaming sticks currently to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, as well as other TV apps. I have had very little issue with connectivity on any of the sticks I have. I’m considering moving to Tablo as my primary source for live TV content and would access content via Roku Streaming sticks, but the reports here concern me. I am looking for some input from people who are actually using Roku streaming sticks. Are you able to stream with other apps, but have problems with Tablo specifically or are you having connectivity issues across apps?

I have the old and the new stick. I have gone back to using the old stick because of the buffering problems on the Tablo with the new stick. I’m going to try the new stick again after I get the latest Tablo update to see if that makes a difference. I don’t have any problems with other apps on either the old or new stick.

I have the old streaming sticks (3400X & 3500X) and have no issues with either variant.

That’s weird. The new stick is much more powerful, both in terms of its WiFi antenna and processing. Do you have the sticks on the same WiFi band?

No issues with Roku stick with buffering or any other app they run. Running new Roku sticks (2).

yes. I even set the new stick connection speed to 3.5 Mbps but that doesn’t help either. None of the troubleshooting steps helped so I gave up on the new stick.

Very weird @dlrmn. Wonder if it’s getting interference from another wireless product right next to it.

I am experiencing the exact same problems dlrmn has described. However, it is not just on the Tablo app. At first, the new stick was very snappy, faster even than my roku2. It seems that as soon as the roku update started causing problems again it interfered with the new stick but not older devices. Roku2 and old stick work just as they always have. New stick LPW frequently and even when its not getting LPW it buffers much at least twice as long as it did at first.

No wireless interference that wasn’t already there when I first bought the stick.

@tarheel - Interesting info on the stick firmware update. Do you happen to know what firmware you’re running now? We’ll try to recreate this here.

At least I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. I had the problem with the new stick out of the box. The firmware update didn’t make any difference. I don’t have any other wireless product next to the Roku or the Tablo.

not sure…I’ll try to remember to look at it tonight and let you know.

The new roku stick is running 7.1.0 build 4062 (i believe that is the right build).

Watched some from Tablo from it last night and I will say it seemed to be back to the quicker buffer times, but we still saw a couple of LPWs. However, it was mostly acting like it should last night. The problems that I described in my first post were definitely not there last night.

Odd. That’s the build on my old stick too. It works on the old stick without any problem but not on the new stick.