Roku Streambar New Version 10.5

I replaced my Roku streambar to 10.5, After that, the Tablo 4 tuner I have will work for the day, then it will say weak signal. It’s a false error because my Tablo shares the same antenna with a regular TV that is directly hooked up in the same antenna. This used to work together before. I searched the internet and I saw a recommendation to install TabloALT. That worked for about the day and the same thing is happening to it also. I can reconnect the signal but I always have to power-cycle the Tablo box. I cant keep doing the reboot all the time I need a signal. There’s gotta be something incompatible with the FW. Need help please! Thank you.

Are you saying your streambar upgraded Roku OS 10.5?

If so, this might be a relevant thread to read…

thank you nilex… 411 much appreciated.

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