Roku Stick - Loading...... but iPad is fine

I just installed Tablo and I have a problem with it saying "Loading....  Please Wait." -  It happens on live and recorded TV - but it ONLY happens on my Roku.  My iPad workes flawlessly.  I was in the same room as the Roku and the iPad so signal should be the same.   The Tablo is connected wirelessly.  I do have two 'networks' in my house - to the same router - one is 5g.  I tried my Roku on both my regular SSID and the 5g one and have the same problem (in case that would make a difference)




@edhen72 - Do you have your recording quality (in settings) set to Roku/Chromecast? If not, try that.

The other thing that may be happening is that in some cases users have found the WiFi antenna on the Roku stick to be lacking. It works great in some cases, but poorly or not at all in others which is why we generally recommend the Roku3.