Roku -- slowness?

I have a feeling this may be a case of “it just is what it is”, but thought I would ask anyhow.

When I choose a recording to watch, it seems to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load. I mean I can literally choose the recording to watch (30min show), then mix a drink and maybe even go to the bathroom before it starts.

I have a Tablo 4-tuner updated to most recent 2.2.8 (direct connect to ethernet/network), playing on Tablo channel/app through Roku 3 - ver 7.0-build 9044 (also direct connect to ethernet). 2 TB Toshiba HD. SpeedTest on Roku shows ave about 10Mbps.

I currently have my Tablo set to record at the lowest HD (720 - 3Mbps) … this did not improve any playback speed.

This may just be the Tablo 4 processor speed, but if anyone has any suggestions/thoughts, I’d welcome any feedback!!

Thanks in advance!!

7.0.9044 is a brand new release to fix watchESPN bug. I just installed it and been running with no LPW and/or freezes for around 3 hours. But it does appear the initial play back load times have gone up. It appears that Roku is actually loading/buffering more data up front.

I have the 2-tuner Tablo and a Roku3 (wireless, but close to router), and it takes 2.5 to 3.5 seconds to load a 30 minute recording (recorded at 8 Mpbs)

I have the newest 7.0.9044 Roku firmware.

3 to 4 seconds for me at 10Mbps recordings.

I can vouch for your hard drive. I have the same. I can vouch for your speed since I’m running fine at a meager 3.5. I can’t vouch for Roku, as I’m using Nexus player and all systems are go at 1080/8 mpbs.

I went and tested the latest firmware on my Roku 3 and loading has slowed down some, about 15 seconds for 10Mbps recordings.