Roku- Setup Not Complete Message

Tablo works fine from iPad but  get message on all Roku’s that “Setup Not Complete  Your Tablo has not been setup yet.  Please use an iPad, Android tablet, or Chrome broser to setup your Tablo before proceeding.”  Have gone through setup on iPad multiple times, reset Roku, deleted and reinstalled Tablo channel, reset Tablo,deleted Tablo from iPad app, setup Tablo again, etc.  Still getting same message every time I try to open Tablo channel on any Roku in my house.

@sermie - That’s definitely odd. Send a note off to and they’ll get you sorted out. 

I have the same problem.  This started after the recent update.

I’ve asked support to share the resolution with me when they get it sorted out.

UPDATE - Support has confirmed this issue is caused by the app is checking to make sure there is a hard-drive connected. The solution is to connect a compatible hard

If you’re still experiencing this issue and you do have a compatible and formatted hard drive attached to your Tablo, please let us know.

Thanks.  I was using it fine before the firmware update without a hard drive (on order from Amazon).  Will try when the hard drive delivers tomorrow.