Roku Screensaver not working with legacy Tablo app

Have a legacy Tablo Quad and ever since Roku updated to v12.5 the Roku Screensaver does not work. Just flashes like it’s trying to go to the screensaver, but remains on the paused playback (happens if paused on the thumbnail screen too). Anyone else seeing this?

Will be interesting to see if the 4th gen software resolves (once the required firmware is released).

This is most likely to fix the black screen lockup that was occurring when the Roku screensaver kicked in previously. If you tried to exit a program when finished or at any point after the Roku screensaver kicked in while paused on a program, you had to press the home button to get out and then reopen the Tablo app. Tablo support said a while back it was a problem with the Roku screensaver. I assumed that when I saw the Roku screensaver blocked recently, I figured it was a fix to that problem.

Thanks @ngoering , that makes sense!

I came here to add this very issue I am seeing as well. This previous topic popped up so thought I would just add to it.
I had already posted a topic on the Roku forums back in December. But didn’t follow up until today.

Tablo Quad here using a Roku Ultra. Basically while viewing through the Tablo the Roku screensaver does not work. As the OP mentioned the screen will flash at the appropriate screensaver set time but this just repeats ad nauseum. The Roku forums had me uninstall the Tablo app and then reinstall but that didn’t help.

And btw there are now 2 Tablo Apps available which I was not aware of. Though one(the newer one) is for the newer Tablos not the now called legacy models.

So looks like we’re going to be stuck with another Tablo vs Roku issue now.

Here is my topic on the Roku forums: Re: [OS 12.5] Screen Saver fails to work after an ... - Roku Community

Yep, same issue with my legacy quad and Roku Ultra. Has anyone heard of or found a fix yet?

Still an issue here, fingers crossed that the next Roku firmware release may resolve.

Update, my Ultra (4670) just received software V13.0.0 24056-46 and the screensaver now works correctly!