Roku remote rewind causes CC to become enabled

I am not sure if it the back button or the back directional button on the Roku3 remote,  but when I rewind,  it enables Closed Captioning.  I need to hit the * and choose disable CC.


This was documented in another post as well.  Mine does the same thing, but turns off after about 10 seconds.  As the other post suggested, this might be a roku feature as Netflix app does the same thing.

After using it, it is rather nice tool if you missed what was heard and wanted to replay with CC.

I noticed it only turns on when directional pad left is pressed one time.  If left is pressed multiple times it will not enable CC.

I agree… It’s a Roku setting. Like guck11 says, it’s a nice feature if you couldn’t hear the previous dialog spoken. And like MattMan suggested, just hit the * button on the remote to choose the setting you want. If you disable, it doesn’t seem to do it anymore.

Interesting thing here @TabloSupport, I see the same thing with Amazon also. Hit the left arrow and CC comes on.

Hm - weird. I’ve looped our developer in on this and we’ll take a look. Thanks, all!

It’s a common behaviour amongst Roku channels because most of us use the same Video Player “package” available on the Roku.

As @Diligent said you can disable it by clicking “*” on your remote while playing a video, then select “Disable closed captioning”; the reason behind the initial behaviour is that the third item from the closed captioning menu was selected (maybe by default?): “Enable closed captioning during instant replay”.

Ok.. I did some checking and I think I found the solution. There is a global setting in Roku that causes this. Go to Settings -> Captions -> Captions mode. There you will see the three options. "Instant Replay" was checked on mine by default. Check "Off". That should clear it up.

After making that change, I couldn't duplicate the problem again.

Ok, the left arrow is Instant Replay and that is what closed caption appears to be set to by default.

Go into settings/Captions and change it to off :wink:

@Jestep Thanks… I found it too, and was editing my original post during your post! LOL… :slight_smile:

Actually seems like a cool feature.  I was watching a show tonight and rewound 3 times to try to figure out what one character was saying and still didn’t hear it… had to guess.  But I don’t have a Roku, so maybe it is uber annoying IRL.